To preserve YOUR memories.
So they can make you SMILE and LAUGH.
So they bring you COMFORT and STRENGTH.
So they ALWAYS accompany you.

So you cannot doubt your are LOVED, BEAUTIFUL and UNIQUE.

Many times, couples who trust me to photograph them warn me that while they are really hoping to have beautiful and meaningful photos to go back to in the years to come, one of them, or both, feels un at ease in front of the camera.

As an introvert, I can truly relate to this.

I think the way around it though is to simply show myself as I am when I take photos, bring you to this comfortable place where you feel you can, in return, show yourself to me as you are, with your own beauty, quirks and uniqueness. I think showing myself to you as I am, with all my imperfections and with all my enthusiasm and passion for my craft has something reassuring that enables you to be genuine around me, without feeling the need to force anything, or fake anything, or stage anything.

Creating this little spark between me and you is one my favorite things about doing what I do: I used to be shy and withdrawn, observing the world around me with a hyper sensitive eye and heart, but never really sure how to connect. This is still who I am, but discovering photography has allowed me to build a bridge between me and the world I see and feel. 

And, thinking about it, it seems to me that in fact, photography acts like a bridge in many ways. When we are physically apart, we find comfort in photographs of us and our loved ones. When we are having a rough day, photographs take us back to a better place, remind us of how it all started, what we are fighting for, how much it is worth to us, and give us renewed strength. When we have lost someone dear, a photograph is a bridge over time and a memory that is forever ours to cherish. When things change, when we change, photographs preserves what once was.

This is my why. I take photos to build bridges for you, between you and your loved ones, you and who you were, you and who you are, you and who you will be. I take photos that tell a part of your story. I take photos in hope that they make you smile and laugh, bring you comfort and strength, accompany you along your way, like they do for me.



  1. Above all, I am a family person. Mu hub, baby girl and family (blood and chosen) are everything to me.
  2. I have a half Rottweiler half German Sheperd dog named Volcom that I absolutely love.
  3. My idea of a perfect evening is watching series snuggled up with my little family.
  4. I was born an island girl in the South Pacific, but my heart finds its right pulse in the great outdoors of Patagonia, Iceland, New Zealand and the likes.
  5. I used to be a diplomat and negotiate international free trade agreements, then I ditched politics and started photographing life instead.
  6. I love the smell and sound of rain, and baking goodies on rainy afternoons.
  7. I love a good heroic fantasy book. Especially if it comes with a hot chocolate and a mountain view, or an iced tea with an ocean view.
  8. Watching the elephant herds in Chobe is one of the most awe inspiring moments of my life.
  9. Living eight years in Paris, I have developed an unconditional love for stylish coats and boots.
  10. I will become best friends in no time with whoever loves brunch!
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There are moments, that feel so precious, I simply couldn’t let them vanish. This is most likely one of the, if not the most precious photo I’ll ever take. Minutes after giving birth to our daughter, exhausted as I was, I just clicked and prayed to have captured the absolute joy and amazement in my husband’s smile and eyes as he held his daughter for the first time and became a father. That’s what it is all about, above composition, above exposure, above sharpness…

It’s all about moments and feelings. Always.


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