May 11, 2018

M+T: Australia and Spain getting on fire in the Canary desert


Mick is a chill dude from Australia. Toscana is a true Spanish beauty. They met travelling in Amazonia. And believe me, their story could easily compete with any adventure-filled Hollywood romance flick. I mean, he actually rescued her from a crocodile before they even shared a first kiss. No kidding. He went back home, she texted him from the middle of nowhere in China. They met again. They hit a wall, they met again. They got married. They had a little girl and were now expecting a little boy. Sigh… Let me tell you, these two incredible humans have a love story made in the very fabric of wildness and romance. And they bear this fire in their eyes. And it shows even in the way they hold hands. It’s like they know that secret, that we are all longing to discover. And that secret is shared in each and every one of their laughter…

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