April 7, 2016

How to get great photos of your children?



Three little words. Let. Them. Be.

Children are wonderful because they are true to themselves. Let them be just that. If your kid is an introvert who likes to observe the world around him or her in silence, let him or her do that. If he or she likes to play outside and mess up his or her clothes, let your photos show that. If they like to laugh out loud and goof around, don’t force them to sit and be still and wear that perfectly fake smile. The truth is as good as a picture perfect family portrait may sound, when your kids grow older, you won’t care about these photos, you will care about the photos that truly remind you of how they were as kids, how their unique personality was already showing in their behavior, their look, their smile and laughter. Photos that captured that will make you laugh, and smile, and sigh with tenderness. I dare promise you that.