January 25, 2019

N+I Macedonian Greek wedding at the Warwick le Lagon in Port Vila


I LOVE a wedding with a cultural twist, especially when it involves cultures and traditions that are new to me. I love the feeling of belonging to a community, the sheer joy in the act of sharing a common heritage, the pride. It’s beautiful.

Ionie and Nik’s wedding at the Warwick le Lagon, in Port Vila, was a perfect example of such a wedding. Ionie has Greek origins while Nik’s family comes from Macedonia. Both live in Australia, and because all three locations were too close to their hearts to choose between them where to have their wedding, they decided to fly to Vanuatu with about fifty of their closest family and friends and tie the knot here instead. Ionie and I met over fruit punch and fresh lime juice over a year ago, to get to know each other, share stories about life and dreams, and talk wedding plans, of course! I remember feeling immediately at ease with her. Ionie is warm and straight forward, laughs and smiles easily, knows what’s important in this life and has her heart in the right place. I only met Nik later, but the feeling was the same. It was just easy to sit down with them and chat about everything and anything really. Hence, it was no surprise that their wedding day was all things I love about weddings. It was authentic, relaxed and fun. There were hugs and happy tears, and so, so much laughter! There was music! Not just when the party started but all through the day, traditional songs to accompany traditional Macedonian getting ready wedding rituals, music as Ionie came down the aisle of course, music and pizza as the newlyweds and their bridal party enjoyed some shade in good company while we were waiting for the sun to set down a bit to go take some photos, music through diner, with the mike going through the crowd and everybody rapping unstoppably… You get the idea: it was a totally vibrant and memorable wedding.

See for yourself…

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