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You are marrying your favorite person in just a few little months! Exciting times are ahead of you and there are so many things to plan! I couldn’t be more excited that your wanderings have lead you to me and honored that you are considering inviting me capture the first day of your exciting journey as husband and wife!

But, first things first, you may want to read this to the end, because photos are all you will have left after the wedding day has passed, they are the story tellers of the little and big moments you have created for each other and for your loved ones. And, of all the investments you would have done for your wedding, photos are the only things that should increase in value over time.

There are hundreds and thousands of photographers out there, and each of us have our own eye, our own style that we can’t deny or alter. We need to make sure we are a great match and that the memories I can and want to capture for you will, in fact, make you smile and giggle and tear up time and times again!

I want to photograph your wedding.
I want to capture the authentic, the unexpected, un-posed, un-staged, unplanned.
The quirky, the comfortable, the sweet, the private jokes, the crazy, the complicity. The messy and the fun.
The fiery and the vulnerable. The elegant and the casual. The obvious, and the intimate.
The timeless.
The YOU.

Are you ok with that? Really ok? Are you ok with letting me in on who you are, ask about your life, talk to your family and friends, gather their fondest memories of you , listen to their funniest stories and favorite things about you? Are you ok with us taking down the client-vendor relationship and get to know each other as friends so I can capture the real you? Have you checked out my work and did it make your heart beat?